Kate Lyons

Emoji Dictionary

Want to incorporate emojis in your text analyses? Check out my dictionary!

Collating Spatial Data

Matching up data frames with different (yet similar) coordinates

Maps! Maps! Maps!

Getting maps from Google Maps in R and plotting things on them

Having Fun with Tidy Text!

Applying some examples from Julia Silge and David Robinson's new book

Building A Website

How after 100+ tries I built this site with Hugo, GitHub and blogdown!

Adventures in Text Mining

Get data from Twitter in R!

Identifying and Visualizing Emojis

Identify emojis in tweets and show where they occur on a map!

Thesis Time!

Code and analyses used in my dissertation

Census Data

Get U.S. Census Data straight to R

Intro to R and R Studio

R Fundamentals!

Intro to Text Mining

How to load in, clean and generate some visualizations and rudimentary analyses

Intro to Social Media Mining

How to set up an API connection with Twitter and YouTube and how to get, clean and organize social media data!

Intro to Analyzing Social Media Data

Examples with Twitter and YouTube data